In the tradition of sci-fi combat classics such as Scorched Earth and Dome Wars comes Tank Wars: Battles in the year 3001 - a game of combat, cash, and calculation!

Play against friends or AI opponents in custom matches or in Tournament mode. Earn cash, buy weapons and equipment, and unleash deadly barrages of artillery, missiles, rockets, nukes, and more.

Leverage the power of unique sci-fi weapons such as dirt bombs, rollers (to carry explosives up or down terrain), or diggers and vaporizers to manipulate the battlefield. Support your allies by calling in repair air drops and protect yourself using energy shields. You can even equip your tank with hover jets to keep you airborne should the very ground beneath you be destroyed.

  • Over 50 unique sci-fi weapons and defensive items
  • Customizable matches with up to 8 players
  • Up to 4 teams per match, or play free-for-all
  • Mix and match any combination of human and AI players
  • Multiple AI modes including Revenge (careful with that collateral damage!)
  • Destructible terrain which can be used strategically as a weapon
  • Adjustable topography settings for unique battlegrounds
  • Nostalgic, classic gaming with no ads or IAP

Available for Mac & iPad

Download for iOS 11+

Download for macOS 10.13+


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